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August 2, 2020

Sunday's to me, are days of revamping. Trying to get the mind cleared for the week ahead, clean slate to start fresh. If it's a new project to work on, a start to eating well, a new routine to try, Sunday's are the days to get it all sorted and getting your mind prepared...at least it's that way for me! So on Sunday's I want something quick in the mornings with my cup of coffee and these biscuits are it!

This recipe makes for 4 jumbo biscuits. I live in a household of two people so I am not feedi...

July 29, 2020

I'm all about getting these staple dressings in now because honestly, who doesn't like to dip? I dip everything. If it's a chip, a sandwich, wings, vegetables, fries, my fork...I'm dipping it. I brought you guys a clean ranch recipe and now I'm giving you this baller blue cheese dressing. It's only three ingredients, that's it!

But now that I have your attention, which side do you dare take? Ranch vs. Blue Cheese? It's one of those things where feelings get hurt. Ranch people will fight you. 

If I...

July 15, 2020

It's the best day of the week. WING WEDNESDAY.

Am I the only one who literally says outloud **in my mind** -wed-nes-day- when spelling it out? no? phew.

Now that that's established. Let's talk wings.

Cauliflower it totally underrated. You can mash it, rice it, puree it, freeze it (for smoothies), bake it, slice it (like a steak), and most importantly, wing it.

I love a good wing. I'm a lover of both but my heart follows the boneless wings. So that's why these are even more amazing! Cauliflower is on...

July 10, 2020

You guys, cake for breakfast! You read that right! And....it's healthy so you won't feel so bad (*hard wink*)

Now let's talk bananas...are you a super duper ripe, brown kind of person? A brown spotted person? Or a yellow with a touch of green kind of person? I am totally the yellow/green. The riper the banana's get the more turned off I am. I will sometimes freeze them for smoothies when they get that ripe but with baking, I love a less sweet banana. Am I weird?

To add a little Rick Flair I threw...

June 30, 2020

July 4th is quickly approaching! & you need this board ASAP.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? MAN, boards..... cheese boards are my JAM. You take a bunch of meats, cheeses, preserves, fresh fruit, crackers ...basically things you love that pair well and jam it all onto a board. Somehow the jamming comes out so artistic and lovely. It's a great centerpiece and really gets the people going.

So... why not a burger board? 

This isn't just ANY burger board, this is a clean burger board. Filled...

June 24, 2020

You know, I realized I've never put up a staple dressing so I was like to hell with that! Let's give em my best ranch! Ranch was that dressing I've been dipping foods into since I was in high school. Pizza...cheesy breadsticks...fries......pretzels........my thumb. It just went with everything and anything & it took over my life.

This ranch is super simple and quick to throw together and it lasts only seconds, it's just that good.

The major ingredient is mayo, obvi. But....I use Sir Kensingtons. I...

May 27, 2020

This sandwich is so fool proof it's not even funny. I've been eating this sandwich for about, hmm.. let's see.... 2 months now? I eat it at least 4 times a week and it's a lunch I wake up and look forward to. It's packed with flavor but filled with simple ingredients and leaves you guilt free! Let's get into the basics.

You need a good quality meat, cheese and bread. My go to deli meat is always Boar's head. I actually use two kinds of Boars turkey in this sandwich because it's just amazeballs. C...

May 20, 2020

I feel like quarantine really helped iron out the little wrinkles in routine for me. It's going to be a struggle adapting back to the work life, going into the office each day. But, if I can accomplish that while still keeping my now every day routines in tact, I will truly feel accomplished. Eating has become one of my most practiced routines. I've found three times a day where I enjoy a nice meal works best. Sometimes I am snacking in between... but it's been a constant three meals and around...

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