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This photo was actually by mistake, my camera out of focus, but came out very beautiful. To capture the true essence and sparkle of Christmas. I know this post isn't about food, but I felt that it was necessary to share a little more about me, personally. To welcome you into my home and who I am! Not just about all the food I cook! Even though I love food more than life itself.

I wanted to start a new tradition by going out after Thanksgiving, as soon as I could to get a Christmas tree. I wish Thanksgiving and Christmas were a few months apart because the whole joy and life of Christmas feels rushed and stressful and in the end you end up losing that magic. So I wanted to get a tree RIGHT AWAY to enjoy it, decorate it, and curl up on the couch breathing in it's piney warmth. And that I did. This was the night (picture above) I just got done decorating my home. This is the second Christmas there, but really the first REAL one, considering the first Christmas I had there, the floors were bare, there were no couches and I ate velveeta mac&cheese every night. It didn't feel homey. But now it does so I wanted to make sure the living room brought the feel of Christmas and wholeness.

I didn't decorate this tree myself, I had a little helper.


Addie has become such a big part of my heart. The joy I see on her face as soon as I step in the door from work. The anxiety that fills her to get her bone as quickly as she can so she can throw to me, which never makes it far. The cute wiggle of her butt, trying to tell me "I MISSED YOU!!!!!!" She has become the light in my days, which is why I love this picture so much. She didn't want to take this picture but she listened, and posed for me. She is my star and will always shine in my heart. Little AdBear.

But, not too bad huh? This is such a tear jerker because this was where my Nana would always keep her tree. I moved in with my boyfriend a little while after she passed away and we redid the place. Top to bottom. I know she would admire it. But I wanted to keep the tree where she had it, only because it felt right. I know she is around..... because I tend to find HEARTS everywhere. This night in particular....I made snickerdoodle cookies and rolled my dough in cinnamon sugarI had thrown together. After I was done I went to throw out the remainder of the cinnamon sugar and RIGHT THERE, it was.

Immediately I felt the love of her and became extremely overwhelmed with tears. This happens a lot, it just happened to be this night that really touched my heart. Always keep your eyes open, your loved ones surround you every step of the way.

Happy Holidays.


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