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Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup

Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

This will cure a sickness or warm you on any cold night. A blizzard finally hit (that I've been continuously hoping for) and I had to go through my pantry to figure out what to make for dinner since I couldn't run to the store.

Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

I had chicken in my fridge, had chicken broth in my pantry....rice....BOOM! Chicken soup....my building stones. It was all about seasoning at that point.

Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

Now two things I didn't have, for a traditional chicken soup. Carrots and Celery. How can you make a soup without those two ingriedients? You can't, really. I did happen to have shredded carrots that I use for salads, that were PERFECT for this soup and different. You're not biting into chunks of carrots and also saving time during the prepping. For the celery however....I had to think of something.....

Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

Looked all through my spice cabinet and there it was.........Celery Seed. Done. It's all about adjusting when you don't have all the ingredients you need. This soup had come out better than soups I've made where I actually used whole carrots and celery.

Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

Enjoy my Soup Lovers! You'll surely love this recipe.


  • 8 - 10 chicken tenders

  • Salt,. Pepper, Olive Oil to coat and season

  • 3 Tbs olive oil

  • 2 Tbs butter

  • 2 small spanish onions

  • 4 green onions (white parts)

  • 5 large garlic cloves

  • 1 c shredded carrot

  • 1 Tbs celery seed

  • 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

  • 48 oz Chicken Broth (homemade is better but canned/boxed is totally ok!)

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1 tsp fresh cracked pepper

  • 2 bay leaves

  • 1 Tbs fresh chopped parsley

  • 2 Tbs grated parmesan cheese

  • 2 c cooked whole wheat rice

  • green onion to garnish (top parts of the 4 above)


  1. First in a large pot over medium heat, combine oil, butter and onions. Cook until lightly browned, about 15 minutes.

  2. Add in the carrots, celery seed, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and white parts of the green onion, cook for 10 minutes.

  3. Add in the chicken stock and bay leaves and cover, bringing to a boil.

  4. As that cooks, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Coat your chicken tenders with oil and seasonings and cook for about 15 minutes.

  5. When chicken is done, let cool.

  6. When soup broth has come to a boil, lower to medium low and cover.

  7. In a separate pot, cook rice according to box instructions.

  8. When chicken has rested, shred and put into the broth along with the pan juices.

  9. Stir and keep uncovered, cooking another 5 minutes.

  10. Add the fresh parsley and parmesan just before serving.

  11. In bowls pour in about 1/4 cup of rice and cover with chicken soup. Garnish with more parsley, green onion and parmesan.

  12. Enjoy!!!!! This one is delish!

Parmesan-Chicken and Rice Soup | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic


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