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Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

This salad you guys, is the salad of the seaon i'll tell ya. FULL of nutritious ingredients. I still can't get over it...I think maybe because of how pretty it is. I mean, it's beautiful....

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

It's really the color that makes it so beautiful. The Violet and Magenta..against the bright vibrant greens. Before even tasting this salad tne eye says YES! This would be a perfect salad for lunch or even a started for Easter Dinner.

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

I'm one who gets tired of salads quickly, I even, didn't like them at first. Who wants a salad over a burger? Not this girl. But I was flipping through a magazine the other day and saw a salad that stood out to me. It was made with Watercress!!! Where have you been all my life Watercress? You're Perfect.

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

I at first was all about the IceBerg, then...the Spring Mix. Although Spring Mix is a great salad base, I even got tired of that! So when I saw this Watercress, it was as if my prayers have been answered. The thing is, it's expensive. But it's great here and there for something different, and you can't really find it at ANY grocery store...which is why this was new to me. I happened to stop into Acme and there it was staring me straight in my face. And next to that was the broccoli sprouts. Also a new ingredient for me.

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic

My point is...salads don't have to be boring. You can use ANYTHING. It is your canvas. Just have a base (greens) and build from there. Who knew I had blueberries in the freezer...It was a moment where I said to myself "I just need one more ingredient and change of color..." (long, long blank stare) and then I went to the freezer to maybe see if I had some mango (yeah I freeze my fruits, it works for me & my occasional smoothies!) but instead I found the Blueberries! They worked so well with this salad.

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic


  • 2 c Watercress

  • Few slices of radicchio

  • 2 radishes sliced super thin

  • handful of frozen blueberries (or fresh)

  • broccoli sprouts

  • 2 green onions sliced thin


  1. Lay down your greens

  2. Top with the remaining ingreidnts. It's that simple.

  3. Use any vinaigrette of your choice. I would highly recommend balsamic because the tart goes super well with the sweet blueberry, or a grainy mustard vinaigrette.

Blueberry & Broccoli Sprout Salad | eatlovegarlic.com @eatlovegarlic


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