• Carly Zimmaro

Grapefruit & Meyer Lemon Crush


And let's talk about how today is the first day of spring.

Can you believe it?

As I shiver in the mornings coming to work.

I literally defrosted my own car windshield with my hands because I was running late for work and I didn't get a chance to warm up my car.

What up sprang.

As many of you may know....if ya know me. I'm a grapefruit junkie.

I used to hate it with all that I had in me because of how bitter it is, but then I came to love it.

But...lets touch on the Meyer.

Meyer Lemon FO LIFE.

I didn't think there were different kinds of lemons...I've heard of Meyer but I've never used one...and boyyyyyy, let me tell you.

Best Lemon Ever.

Its not as tart and it just has a nice punch to it, much sweeter than a typical lemon.

So the sweet of the lemon paired with the tart grapefruit makes this drink da bomb.

My Nana came to say hello again.

See the little heart on the center of the lemon? Right in the top segment?

I can't even begin to explain how overwhelmed I feel every time I see a heart.

I miss and love her so much.

For those who have no idea what I'm saying....this all started about 3 years ago, after living in my Nana's old apartment for a bit. I would find hearts EVERYWHERE.

Still to this day - after living on my own in my apartment, I still find them.

Enjoy my spring peeps.

Grapefruit & Meyer Lemon Crush

yield: 4 drinks

prep time: 10 minutes


  • Grapefruit Vodka

  • Fresh Grapefruit Juice (or grapefruit juice)

  • Fresh Meyer Lemon Juice

  • Splash of Redbull optional (or you can sub using grapefruit seltzer)


  1. In 4 glasses, fill with ice and add in as much vodka as you'd like.

  2. Pour in your grapefruit juice, leaving some room and add in a splash of meyer lemon juice and redbull (if desired)

  3. Mix well, add slices of lemon and grapefruit and ENJOY!

grapefruit fa life.