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Burger Board

Burger Board | eatlovegarlic.com

July 4th is quickly approaching! & you need this board ASAP.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? MAN, boards..... cheese boards are my JAM. You take a bunch of meats, cheeses, preserves, fresh fruit, crackers ...basically things you love that pair well and jam it all onto a board. Somehow the jamming comes out so artistic and lovely. It's a great centerpiece and really gets the people going.

So... why not a burger board?

This isn't just ANY burger board, this is a clean burger board. Filled with whole foods and "no sugar" ingredients...basically whole30, you feel me?

Burger Board | eatlovegarlic.com

We've got the lettuce on deck because no processed breads here! We do lettuce wraps one of two ways in this house, the outer layer shells of the iceberg (top left/bottom right, which Tyler loves (it is actually a better way to wrap the burger) OR we have the iceberg cut into 1/4's and then peeled (bottom left) which is my favorite way. I love to use organic lettuce because I just recently realized how disturbingly gross some produce is with pesticides. I think I've been under a rock...

Then we've got our potatoes. The best part of whole30 - endless potatoes. I also get organic here too. I used baby red potatoes and sweet potatoes. I cut the red potatoes in half and then cut the sweets up into fries to add some dimension to the board. I just tossed them into my air fryer, coated with a little avocado oil, and cooked for about 15 - 20 minutes at 400 and they were done.

Burger Board | eatlovegarlic.com

Now the sauces. I am always serving my ranch on the side to any potato or burger. You can find the recipe here. And I will NEVER eat my burgers without Chipotle mayo. You can definitely find some pre-mades but I like to make my own. It's just mayo and chipotles, boom. done. Just something about that spicy bite.

& of course, Ketchup. The best Ketchup I've ever had is Primal's unsweetened. It is pricey but it is 1000% worth it.

Burger Board | eatlovegarlic.com

The fill ins for this board are your usual toppings! Tomatoes, pickles, onions...avocado because I wanted to add some flair! Whatever is your favorite!

The best topping of all, of course...is bacon! duh! I use the no sugar bacon made by applegate. Sounds weird, because who puts sugar in bacon (it's literally in everything I swear) but it's one of the tastier bacon's I've had. Again, pricey but fully worth it. I bake my bacon in the oven for about 20 ish minutes at 400, I have to check and turn the pan halfway through but it's my favorite way to make bacon because it comes out evenly crisp, every time.

And the burgers - you woulda guessed! I use an organic, grass fed ground beef. My honey seasoned the beef for me but we usually do a mix of S&P, garlic and onion powder. Simple, yet effective.

I prefer a grilled burger but since I can't grill at my apartment, pan cooked it was! I love a nice char so I cooked them at high heat in a cast iron.

Burger Board | eatlovegarlic.com

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! There isn't much of a recipe here, but just some guidance on how I cooked some of the things on my board and what ingredients I used and how I threw it all together.

Make it fun, make it simple, make it colorful and always, be the first in line.

Burger Board | eatlovegarlic.com

where there's a grill, there's a way.


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