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Carly's Sweet & Smoky Ribs

As strange as it may sound I have never been a huge rib kinda gal but something in my taste buds changed recently.

It could be the new grill...

or I am just growing up...

These ribs are sweet and sticky, touched with smoke and kissed by the flame - as my fath would say. My fath and I got together recently and he showed me the ropes to grilling ribs and now I will hold this with me forever.

It starts with the ribs. He showed me how to handle baby backs but my Giant didn't have any and honestly I really liked how the St. Louis ribs came out, they were super meaty and super juicy.

My dad showed me how to remove the membrane from the back of the ribs and boy what a pain in the ass that is but honestly the only way to do it is by getting your finger underneath and then pulling it off with a paper towel and bada bing. done

then we pour on the rub. Little short on seasonings so we went with a simple sweet and smoky rub and it was delicious. Generously coat the ribs and pat the seasoning in, do not rub it in, words by fath.

but ironic to pat on a dry "rub", right? but it does something, I don't know what but just do it.

Now I have a grill but I don't have a smoker so how do we do this? We use a smoker box.

Fath came over with this cool cast iron smoker box and a bag of smoking wood chips. You just let the chips sit in water for an hour, drain and put them in the cast iron box. When gassing up your grill put the smoker box over the direct heat and set up your grilling racks over indirect heat where our ribs will lay. Get the smoker box and grill preheated to about 275 - 300 and once there put on your ribs and say goodnight.

For the first 3 hours I had these smoke sitting between 275 to 300 but for the last hour and a half I dropped it to around 200 degrees. Once every hour spraying on our magical mist to keep them ribs juicy you feel me?

When the ribs are done, we kiss them with the flame and it's showtime.

What I enjoyed most about these ribs is how it takes some time and isn't something you have to lurk over. Once you get the heat just right you can set it and leave it but just don't forget it. AND ALWAYS keep a bottle of water nearby says fath, just incase the chips catch on fire. This shouldn't happen since we soaked them long enough but just in case.

For the BBQ sauce, obviously Guy Fieri's. You don't need too much because the ribs themselves do all the talking but just a tad to add a little somn.

Can you just feel it or what?

The sugary sticky bits sticking to your fingers as the juicy ribs fall apart when you first bite into them?

I know.

Carly's Sweet & Smoky Ribs

yield: 1 rack of ribs

prep time: 15 minutes

smoke time: 4 and a half hours


  • 1 rack of ribs, I used St. Louis

  • Dry Rub, I used Grill Mates Sweet & Smoky

  • BBQ sauce, I used Guy Fieri's Kansas City Smoky & Sweet

  • Smoking Chips, I used Kingsford Apple-Hickory-Oak blend

  • Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle


  1. Get your ribs in shape, make sure the ribs are rinsed, patted dry and the back membrane is removed. Bring to room temperature

  2. In a bowl combine water (I also splashed in some beer) and soak your chips, depending on how big your smoker box is it was about two cups of chips. Let soak for at least an hour

  3. When ready, coat your ribs in the dry rub. Make sure to get every part covered and make sure to pat, don't rub it on.

  4. Drain your chips and put them into your smoker box over direct heat in your grill. Make sure your grill is off on the other side of your grill, so we can place the ribs on and cook indirectly.

  5. Bring the grill to about 275, 300 degrees but no higher. once you get your grill heated and chips start to get a lil smoky - put on your ribs. Make sure your ribs do not sit over any direct heat. Close your lid and let that baby smoke for 3 hours. Keep an eye to make sure heat doesn't raise and stays between 275 and 300.

  6. Once every hour spritz on some apple cider vinegar to your ribs, just enough to get the top of the rack a little wet. This helps to keep them nice and juicy since smoking is often a "dry" process.

  7. After 3 hours reduce the temp to around 200 and let cook for another hour and a half. Keep spritzing each hour here as well.

  8. Now for that kiss of the flame, when ribs are done - finally crank your heat up where your ribs are and flame kiss for two minutes each side to get a lil char then turn off the heat completely.

  9. Paint on a little BBQ sauce and let the ribs sit for at least 20 minutes.

  10. Slice the ribs up and DIVE ON IN!

  11. ENJOY!!

What is lil Jon's favorite BBQ sauce?

Mesquite squite squite squite


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