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Chicken & Ginger Dumplings

It's hump dayyyyyy. I honestly don't know what day it is anymore. I almost wrote Thursday. As the cold weather makes its way in, I'm starting to lose track of not only what day it is but month. How are we just now getting into OCTOBER?

although, I'm all for the halloween candies.

But anyways - I have been craving dumplings lately and I really don't know why, probably because they are delicious.

I'm not a huuuuuge fan of pork dumplings, I usually get vegetable but for this recipe I was really in the mood for chicken. And what goes better with chicken than garlic? Ginger.

The filling is super easy for this recipe, bagged cabbage slaw helps with cutting down time when prepping. But for this particular recipe I needed to make the dough from scratch. I had the pre made wrappers in my hand from the grocery store and I put them back. To me, the dumpling wrapper is just as important as the filling and the dumpling dough took about 5 minutes to make, not even. It's just water and flour.

Then as simple as pinching off a piece of dough and rolling it out into a very thin circle. You want your dough to be thin but not too thin where the dough will break through when you form your dumplings.

also a hot tip, make sure to cover your dumpling dough with a wet paper towel so it does not dry out in between your dumpling making.

I just want to confess I made enormous dumplings LOL!

They were about the side of half your palm, why not go big AND go home?

Make sure you don't overfill, when looking at this I though to myself, surely I could fit in more but nope, don't do it. Just enough where you have about an inch left on the ends of the dough.

I wasn't sure how to crimp these but I seriously watched a quick youtube video on how to make different dumpling styles and this was the one I went with.

not too shabby huh?

Once you have all your dumplings formed and filled it's time to fry and steam.

I pan fried in some sesame oil and once ready to steam, I steamed with water and then some soy sauce. The soy sauce really helps to give some great depth in color on the bottoms of the dumplings. Another hot tip, don't use too much soy sauce and if you can - use low sodium. Too much soy sauce used while steaming will give your dumplings a bit of a salty bite.

They really are a beautiful thing and you can fill them with anything! This was one of my favorite dishes to make and not to mention....they were so fun to photograph, I mean come on. Look at the colors!

And of course, a dip and bite because that's how we do

Chicken & Ginger Dumplings

yield: 10-12 large dumplings or 15-20 small dumplings

prep time: 15 - 20 minutes

cook time: 10 minutes


  • 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour

  • 3/4 c warm water

  • 1 pound ground chicken

  • 2 cups cabbage slaw mix (about half the bag) finely chopped

  • 1 Tbs freshly grated ginger

  • 1/2 Tbs freshly grated garlic

  • 1/2 tsp sesame oil

  • 2 Tbs chopped green onion

  • 1/2 Tbs onion powder

  • 1 Tbs soy sauce (low-sodium if you can) + 1 Tbs for pan fry

Garnish: fresh chopped green onion and sesame seeds


  1. Start off with your simple dumpling dough. In a bowl mix together very warm water (not hot) and flour until a ball forms, knead until fully mixed. Cover with a wet paper towel and set aside.

  2. In a large bowl combine the rest of your ingredients - ground chicken, chopped cabbage slaw mix, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, green onion, onion powder and 1 Tbs of soy sauce. Mix until well combines and set aside.

  3. Time to roll the dumpling dough. On a lightly floured surface take about 2 Tbs of dumpling dough and form into a ball then roll out until thin. If you want to make smaller dumplings you can use less dough.

  4. Take 1 Tbs of your ground chicken and put in the center of your dumpling dough, if you can fit more - go for it. I really stuffed mine, but enough where it wasn't a pain to seal.

  5. Pinch your edges closed, or form into whatever desired shape - I just followed a quick youtube tutorial on how to get that pinched seamed look on mine.

  6. Set aside your filled dumpling and continue the process until all of your dough and filling are used up.

  7. Now to pan fry. Heat a skillet up to medium low heat. place a little sesame oil in your pan and place down your dumplings. You will have to do in batches so you don't overcrowd you pan.

  8. Cook dumplings for about 5/10 minutes until bottoms start to get very lightly brown and then bring the heat to medium. Add in 2 Tbs of water to the pan and then cover so the dumplings start to steam. Steam for 5 or so minutes. Then when water has evaporated add in 1 Tbs of soy sauce and cover again for a couple minutes. The soy sauce helps add that deep rich color on the bottom of the dumplings.

  9. When done, garnish with some fresh green onion and sesame seeds and serve with soy sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.

  10. ENJOY!!

you're all that

& dim sum.


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