• Carly Zimmaro

February 18th 2018

Another snowy day.

Not only did I wake up to inches of snow, I woke up to another year in the books. Today is our three year anniversary.

I can't help but think of how far we have come and the things we have accomplished together. How strong we have gotten and how beautiful our path looks.

Every morning I wake up, I feel so lucky and grateful to have you.

I remember when we became friends - what was it, 5 ish years ago? and now look at us, engaged and ready to conquer the world.

February 18th 2018 you walked into my apartment with flowers and said "so you gon be my bitch or what?"

romantic amirite?

I couldn't help but laugh and instantly say YES. DUH.

The past three years have been nothing but wonderful. Beach trips, family get togethers, late night parties, rugby Saturdays, long bike rides, hiking, pokemon hunting, lazy nights on the couch, eating ice cream until we die, binge watching a show we've already binged, rock paper scissors for hours to determine who is going to do laundry next, jamming out hard in the car to eminem, disco party dances in the kitchen, waking up and laying in bed laughing for hours. There is nobody in the world I would ever want to experience this with but you. You have made this journey in life so amazing and so easy. On days where I feel like I am about to break you come and keep me together. And on days where I feel like my best bad bitch self, you are there clapping me on.

I don't know what I did to deserve you but I am never letting you go!

Just recently - about a week now - we moved! We found our first actual place together to move into. For those who are new here, when Tyler and I started dating he moved into my apartment. So this is NEWS.

It feels so good to have a new place with you. It actually feels like home now. Our move was so stressful and we hit so many obstacles - when it rained it freakin poured man. But we did it! We got through it together and it really showed me that we can do anything.

You are my best friend, my pain in the ass, my support, my shoulder and my world! I can't wait to see what this next chapter holds for us, Tyler! I love you so much, Happy Anniversary!


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