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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

April 9, 2021. Wow, talk about the best day of my entire life. Marrying the man of my DREAMS. This day was everything I dreamt it to be and it was so personal and so intimate. I know every girl pictures having that big wedding filled with everything you can imagine, burning holes in everyones pockets, but this blew that idea out of the water. Foreal.

Tyler and I woke up one day, four weeks ago, and he turns to me and goes "what are we waiting for? Lets get married." We looked up how to get a license and it was super easy since it was done virtually and then we planned our sweet little wedding! We said to eachother, we tell no one. And it was one of the hardest secrets to keep!! We wanted this day to be all about our love and to keep it as stress free as possible.

This picture kills me. I just love him so much. We planned to keep it a surprise of what we both were wearing so we both got ready separately that morning. And it was so worth it.

My one rule was - I need to have fath walk me down wherever we get married. If it's a sidewalk, a path, a yard, a parking lot ..... it's gotta happen.

It just is such a special moment.

When my dad walked me to Tyler, the walk was about a 4 minute walk it felt like! We were far away from the pier we were getting married on, which was at Peace Valley Park btw, I wanted to make sure Tyler couldn't see me. Which was why the walk was a little long but it gave my dad the time to calm me down.

My mouth was so dry, I had to pee, my heart was racing, I didn't know where to put Tyler's ring since it was in the box and I didn't want to have anyone carry it so my dad goes "put it on your thumb, that'll be real cool"

As we got closer to Tyler my dad had a speaker in his jacket and he hits play. My "Uncle" Joe, who has been a part of our family since, forever, recorded himself playing Canon in D on the piano and sent it to my dad as a way to show his love and support. How freaking adorable is that?

And then, we are there.

The classic hand off. I love this picture.

And now, we say our vows.

I loved how it was just me and Tyler. Perks of a "beautiful Quaker Wedding" as my now new sister in law would say.

Take note of that sweet ass ring on my thumb waiting to be put on my husbands finger.

I remember laughing hard since all my nerves were hitting me at once. I was trying to get myself together to say my vows to Tyler before I got hit with all the emotions in the entire world.

It was a 180.

I got out a whole four words and lost it. I truly didn't think I was going to be able to collect my emotions. I was just so happy to be marrying the man of my dreams. He was standing right in front of me and I was about to be his wife!

I wasn't one to do the best presentations in High School. I feared talking in front of class but in this moment it only felt like it was just me and him.

I wrote down my vows to him so easily. I could talk all day long about how much I love him. I of course wrote it on some Judge notebook paper, because why not? It is where we met after all! lol

If you wondered, I did finally collect myself.

now you can't run!! muahahaha you all mine. I feel like that's what my expression was saying in this picture LOL

As soon as I finished my vows, tyler screams "AND YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE!"

And to turn around and walk towards our whole family, just was such a complete feeling.

And you know fath had that speaker playing again with Mendelssohn's Wedding March. He was on point with the songs!

AND THEN! the little surprise we had for Tyler was our song - Fly me to the moon. We had our first dance as husband and wife.

And you know we had to end the song with a statement pose!

peep fath in the back.

I love this family so much!

Shout out to Jackie for our photographer, she was absolutely amazing! I'll plug her link in right here, highly recommend her!


Something about getting married on a pier, am I right? Look at these pictures!!!

I was so afraid I was going to trip at some point but my dress was legit the perfect length. Which by the way was found on Amazon for any people wondering. In a two week time crunch where else could I find a wedding dress? The lace on it was to die for and it was super comfortable.

These next shots WOOOOF

Someone get me some milk these pictures are GORGEOUS.

I love them so much. It was so hard to pick all my favorites for this post because believe me, I would have chose them all.

The morning of our wedding day my parents and brother came over. My mom helped me get ready and by that I mean I got us both ready. I was originally thinking to go get my hair and makeup done that morning but I really wanted it to be a super personal experience and I had so much fun getting ready with Moth.

I was so torn too with getting a veil or head piece but I'm so happy with how the floral head piece worked out. Again - Amazon. ;)

THIS BOQUET THO. My mom got me these too! They still look like they did that day. Super high quality and so fresh and beautiful. Enchanted Florist in Skippack, girl.

If anyone has any cool ideas of how I can either keep these or have a way of remembrance let me know!!

I just can't express how much I love this man.

And now he's my Husband??!!! I could scream from the mountains. And check out that ring, I love it. I never knew what Tyler's style was for a wedding band but when I was watching him pick it out it was just so cute. I really love the black look, it's so different and super sharp.

A super sharp ring to go on a SUPER SHARP MAN. GOT DAYUM, I mean look at him.....heart throb.

AND he's funny. Cute and funny? How can a girl get any luckier? Nobody makes me laugh like he does, in the midst of our pictures he goes "give me your flowers" and I was like ?ok here you go? and of course he is his goofy self

This was the most magical day ever and I wish I could live it over and over and over again for the rest of my life.

I am SO excited and SO ready for this next chapter and to experience all the things now as husband and wife. I can't wait to see where our future brings us, Mr. Smith!!

Some people say there is no difference after getting married but this totally feels different. It feels like ordering a side of fries and you find an onion ring within. JACKPOT.

Here's to looking at the best view ever for the rest of my life!!!

Love, Mrs. Smith.


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